JOINT VENTURE PARTNERSHIP Barakel Foundation & Safewall® Companies  To make a long term commitment To build SafeAffordable® Housing Developments and fostering “Building Communities through Family Involvement” throughout the Philippines.



   Safewall to offer new building assembly system. A major concern today is the exterior wall and roof system that enclose the building structure making it safer, storm resistant, and more energy efficient.  The value of the SafeDEK product and composite assembly system will complete the structural envelop and also simplify the economics of construction, not only in the residential building market, but also in many commercial applications.  SafeDEK's first product assembly facility will be located in Jacksonville, Florida which will serve the Southeast US and other Countries through the Port of Jacksonville.  Product production will commence the 2nd quarter of 2010 with future expansion throughout the entire country as markets are developed.  


                                                                                                                                               is an innovative Proprietary and Patent-Pending wall, ceiling and floor product assembly that combines rigid materials, supporting members and anchors that attach to concrete, other building materials or building systems.  SafeDEK is the interior or exterior non removable wall form, an interior non removable floor deck and ceiling form that includes high R value insulation qualities.  SafeDEK is an assembly that is interrogated with structural concrete walls, and conventional or Post-Tensioned cast-in-place concrete structural slabs.   SafeDEK’s product and assembly process was developed by SAFEWALL CONCRETE SYSTEMS to ensure sustainability, energy efficiency, green qualities and the simplicity of design which are growing concerns of the next generation of new building techniques used within the residential, multifamily, and commercial industry markets.   Safewall is Setting the Standard® by providing quality concrete systems in accordance with customer demands and requirements.


 is a composite of an outer construction panel manufactured from a combination of mineral based magnesium oxide (MgO), magnesium chloride, fibrous reinforcement for strength, and other proprietary filler materials.  The outer construction panel is fire-resistant, waterproof, mold/fungus/bug free, impact-resistant, and Florida Hurricane Tested.  The outer construction panel has No organic solvents, No oils, No toxic ingredients, No heavy metal salts and No asbestos.  The SafeDEK outer construction panel also eliminates the need of conventional drywall that may become hazardous with mold and fungus if becoming wet.  Expanded Polystyrene material with added proprietary fillers are attached to the construction panel for additional strength and added energy insulating properties.  Elongated supporting members are embedded between the outer construction panel and expanded polystyrene and finally all components are mechanically fastened and adhesive cemented together with proper embedment allowing locking into the concrete wall and floor/ceiling deck system.

Engineering load requirements for 4" wet concrete, forms and reinforcing steel including manpower is approximately 70 lbs. per Sq. Ft. 

Below:  Ken Krantz standing on 3' x 8' SafeDEK floor panel loaded with 1-1/2 tons of bagged Portland cement.
"This innovative building assembly system addresses not only adverse weather conditions, but real energy efficiencies facing all of us in the years to come.  The Safewall/SafeDEK system will benefit all areas of the country and under all climate conditions." Ken Krantz

   Safewall to offer all their clients energy efficient windows.  Safewall, a proud partner of the US department of Energy's ENERGY STAR® program, will furnish and install Silver Line energy efficient vinyl windows as an "Add-On" to their poured wall systems.  After researching several window lines, we found Silver Line able to offer the highest quality window at the best possible price.  The Silver Line company is fifty-five years old and is now the largest vinyl window manufacturer in the US.  Their windows are backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and are designed and built for a lifetime of performance.