The True Story Of the 3 Little Pigs!


By: Ken Krantz

Picture  Designed

Kevin Daw

This is the true story of the 3 little pigs told by the wolf himself.

The wolf really cares for his granny and will go through great lengths to bake her a birthday cake, but he is out of sugar. The old wolf also has a very bad sneezing cold and cannot stop huffing and puffing.  He decided to go to his neighbor's house, the pigs, to get some sugar.  Because of the poor construction of the first two pigs' houses, they fell in when the wolf sneezed.  When this happened, both pigs somehow die.  

The wolf is not one to waste food, especially when it is a free ham dinner.  He eats both of the pigs before he gets to the third pig's home, which is built out of poured in place concrete by Safewall Concrete Systems.  While there, the pig insults the wolf's granny.  This upsets him very bad.  He makes a scene just as the cops are pulling up.  This is when the wolf is carted off to jail.  In all, the poor wolf is just misunderstood.

Author's note: No actual pigs were intentionally harmed in the writing of this story.