Why is Safewall considered GREEN ?

A summary report on

Direct Advantages of Safewall

Solid Concrete Wall System Over

Block Masonry, Wood Frame, and other types of residential home wall Construction.

2009 Best in Concrete Living Awards
  Permanent Buildings and foundations
Patent-Pending Concept

  The Florida Times-Union
Safewall found niche in stormproof rooms

  Concrete Homes Newsletter 
Portland Cement Association

Jacksonville Business Journal
Hurricanes won't blow these houses down

The Small Business Report Spotlight Conversation
with Ken Krantz - Founder and CEO of Safewall

Safewall's Position Statement on Coatings that affect bond to reinforcement.

How Clean Must Rebar Be?

Effect of Reinforcing Bar Contamination on Steel-Concrete Bond During Concrete Construction

Performance Under Pressure:
Cast-in-Place (CIP) Concrete Walls

Rainwater Management Performance of Newly Constructed Residential Building Enclosures During August and September 2004  [Prepared for the Home Builders Association of Metro Orlando and the Florida Home Builders Association]  Released January 11, 2005

Safewall Energy Wall  Design [1]

A summary report on 
Debris Impact Testing at Texas Tech University 

Fact Sheet: Selecting Energy Efficient Windows in Florida.
Vinyl  -  The Most Popular Window In The U.S.
Concrete Walls Protect Best Against Wind-Blown Debris 
Insulated Concrete Homes Increase Durability and Energy Efficiently  
Thermal Mass and R-Value: Making Sense of a Confusing Issue

MOLD: An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure

"A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home"
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